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Edison Edison

Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City regularly ranks as one of the most liveable small cities in the USA, and whilst it may be small, it’s perfectly formed.

It’s only about an hour’s drive to New York City, Philadelphia, and the Jersey Shore. There’s a diverse population that makes Jersey City colourful, vibrant and welcoming.

Settled in the 1600s, it was originally named Raritan Township in 1870. It was then renamed, Edison Township, on March 17th 1954 in honour of inventor Thomas Edison, whose main laboratory was in the Menlo Park section of the township.

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Jersey City


210 Hudson Street,
Plaza 3,
Jersey City,
NJ 07311

+1 201 716 1175

Life + Work in Jersey City

With more than 75 ethnic communities represented Jersey City is a safe place to live, with great schools, green spaces and plenty of cultural and sporting attractions.

Situated on the Hudson River, our Jersey City office has stunning views of Manhattan, a vibrant walkable community with a thriving arts, food and lifestyle scene all while just minutes from New York City through it’s numerous transportation options.

Whilst the Jersey City office is small compared to some of our other locations, there’s a great team and always a warm welcome.

They’re a very diverse bunch, from a wide range of locations, and they’ve plenty of wisdom to share about the best place eat, drink and visit in the neighbourhood.

Located on the 8th floor of a modern building, the office has the benefit of a fully stocked kitchen with snacks, breakfast, and lunch, as well as an on-site cafeteria.


The USA is on the whole a very informal culture, but there’s do and don’t as you might expect.

Meeting someone new will involve a handshake, and a brief hug when you get to know them a bit better. And use their title and surname when addressing them unless you are told it’s OK to use first names.

When eating out, leaving a tip for your waiter or waitress is absolutely essential, with 15-20% of the bill a suitable tip for good service.

Be punctual if you’ve arranged to meet someone, and deadlines are always respected in business projects.


It’s an absolute must to get to the Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park, where you’ll get a fully escorted tour of original artefacts, photographs and belongings of one of the world’s great inventors.

Jersey City’s Family Festival and Street Fair happens every September, with live music and street entertainment. With such a wide ethnic mix in Edison, as you might expect there’s a huge range of range of places to eat and drink.

George Street Playhouse is a gorgeous theatre with a regular programme of plays, and the Zimmerli Art Museum will keep you browsing for hours. For something different, head to Canvas and Grapes where you can paint your masterpiece with a drink or two.

For live music there’s plenty of places that have bands playing, and if you fancy singing yourself then head to Echo Music Studio’s karaoke sessions. Take it away!

Smack bang in the centre of New Jersey, Jersey CIty is within about an hour’s drive of New York City, Philadelphia, and the Jersey Shore. The town is home to a large Indian population and regularly ranks among the top small cities in the US to live in.

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